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Our philosophy is that we are strong believers in the culture of hiphop, we as Zulus realize that this is a real world, with real world problems and real world solutions. So, as a Zulu family we will strive to do our best to uplift ourselves first, then show others how to uplift themselves mentally, spiritually, physically, economically and socially.

The interest in UZN has expanded over the past few years. Quite a number of individuals have contacted me and expressed their interest in membership. Until such time as we have completed the online registration page, please:


You will be notified by me, Mills as to where your money should be sent.

Universal Zulu Nation has chapters in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Miami, Virginia Beach, Los Angeles, Detroit, New Haven, Hartford, New Jersey, Texas, Belgium, Norway, London, Paris, Canada, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Africa, and in other cities, countries and continents around the world. Many rappers, hip-hop, personalities and rap fans are members.

Who can get involved with the Universal Zulu Nation?
Anyone who believes in our goals and can thrive individually and in group settings should consider membership. We will consider working with any organization that believes as we do. This means that we will consider joint projects with the Nation of I slam, black churches, the urban league, or any other organization that exists to serve our community. We also encourage all women, senior citizens, and children to consider becoming members. The only way we can rise as a people is by forgetting our diff erences and looking again to our families, friend, and support systems, for solutions to problems (instead of watching for some other person to tell us what to do).

Who is a member of the Universal Zulu Nation?
Diamond D, Ice-T, Kool DJ Red Alert, Nikki D, A Tribe Called Quest, Brand Nubian, Leaders of the New School, Positive K, Yo-Yo, Fat Joe, Jungle Brothers, DJ Kool, Funkmaster Flex, Q-Bert, BIO, BRIM, King Sun, Rock Steady Crew, Roc Raider

To contact the Rocksteady Crew, email Legs, visit the Rock Steady Crew webpage or fax him at 201.656.8652.

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