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The Universal Zulu Nation is a music, community service and arts organization founded in the USA by Afrika Bambaataa. This organization has hundreds of chapters throughout the world, and all members believe in freedom, justice, equality, knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Our members come from many different races, cultures, nationalities, countries and religions. The Universal Zulu Nation members dislike divisions and want to see peace and unity with all races.

The Universal Zulu Nation was founded in 1973 in the Bronx, New York. It was Afrika Bambaataa's idea to use music to spread the message of the UZN. He Knew that music is universal and crosses all barriers. So with the birth of hiphop [which started in New York City, USA] Bambaataa and members of the Zulu Nation started to travel throughout the world to spread hiphop culture and uplift communities everywhere.

What is the mission of the Universal Zulu Nation?
As we are dedicated to improving and uplifting ourselves and our communities, all Zulu Nation members should be involved in some activity that is positive and gives back to the community. Hip-Hop music is our vehicle of expression. We can learn to wr ite, produce, market, promote, publish, perform and televise our own music, for our own people. There are too many divisions between males and females.

There are too many divisions between young adults and their parents and too many divisions between ri ch and poor-urban and suburban. Now is the time for us to build together as well as develop individually. All of the ills and problems that plague our community, we are going to address. We already know Hip-Hop and the Zulu Nation are here to stay. Both are over twenty years old and both exist and thrive across the world.

Some of the community activities of the UZN include neighborhood clean-ups, block parties, talent showcases, seminars, conferences, canned food drives, tutoring and mentor programs.

Where did the name 'Zulu Nation' come from?
The Zulu Nation is a great South African tribe that became as empire under the leadership of Shaka Zulu, one of the greatest Zulu Chieftans (leaders).

What does the word 'Amazulu' mean to the Universal Zulu Nation?
The word Amazulu means "the people of Heaven".

What does the word 'Zulu' mean to the Universal Zulu Nation?
The word means "the Heavens" and "strength in numbers".

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